Reclaim Your
Financial Freedom

META Vault is a total solution to taking your power back when it comes to managing your abundance. Have complete and total control over your money with your own META Vault account. Through our powerful platform you have the power to manage and spend both fiat and digital assets. Send and receive payments instantly, use your prepaid debit card in thousands of businesses around the world and much more. All without ever having to use a bank.

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No prepayment or hidden fees

Why People Choose Us

Becoming unbanked is a powerful step in the direction of reclaiming control of your finances. With our powerful tools, you can truly regain control and freedom you always deserved.

  • Prepaid Debit Cards

    Harness the power of the META Vault Prepaid debit card to spend your digital assets in real life.

  • Merchant Gateway

    Accept payments from META Vault Pay network with no commissions.

  • Instant payment

    Share your wallet via a QR Code and email.

  • Real Time Transactions

    No more waiting for transactions to go through or funds to transfer. Manage your wealth in a blink of an eye with our cutting edge technology.

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We are changing the way money is managed

Send or request money instantly, whether the other person is on the other side of the table or around the world. Do this in a simple and intuitive way, using your app and your QR code or that of your counterpart.

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Our Services

A Complete Digital Vault in the Palm of Your Hands

Prepaid Cards
Instant Peer to Peer Payments
Fully Encrypted
Safe and Secure
No Hidden Fee
Secure Payment

Take Control of Your Wealth Now

Accessing the META Vault is simple and safe.

Access the META Vault experience from your smart phone in a blink of an eye. Harness the power and freedom of all our services before you’ve even finished your first cup of coffee.

Your Money is Mobile, Just Like You

Managing your wealth should be simple, like waving a magic wand. When you become a META Vault member, taking control of your wealth, no matter where you are or what your are doing, is simple, fast, safe and secure. That’s the power of META Vault.

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