About META Vault

META Vault connects you with the world, providing a safe haven for your money and a bridge between the old financial system and the new. Placing the power of instantaneous peer to peer transactions, crypto to fiat prepaid debit cards and virtual fiat accounts in the power of your hands. All driven by the META Vault App. This is the way of the new economy.

What We Do For You

Powerful solutions that enable you to rediscover a world where you are in control of your wealth.

Crypto Prepaid Debit Card

Use your crypto for everyday transactions with our crypto to fiat prepaid debit card.

Mobile Wallet

Take control of your money with simple, easy, mobile wallets that are ready to transact wherever your life takes you.

Access the New Economy

Join the new decentralized economy with a simple, secure and easy to use digital services that lets be the one in control.