Card Limits and Fees

Full KYC

Balance limits for spending + laoding your card.

€20,000 POS Single Transaction Limit
€20,000 POS Daily Spend Limit (20 tr. per day)
€500.00 ATM Single Withdrawal Limit
€2,500 ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit (5 tr. per day)
€5,000 Daily Load Limit (8 tr.per day)
€20,000 Monthly Load Limit
€80,000 Yearly Load Limit
€20,000 Maximum Card Balance
Retail Fee (EUR)

Fee for atm and purchases via pos terminal.

€2.99 ATM/Cash Withdrawals [International]
€1.50 ATM/Cash Withdrawals [Domestic]
€0.50 Purchases (POS) [International]
€0.00 Purchases (POS) [Domestic]